The Bassment is one of my favorite clubs and is listed quite high on my personal top 10 lists of clubs.

Located in Asahikawa, Japan, the party never stops at The Bassment. Some of my most extended performances were at The Bassment. The president, owner, and resident DJ, Kimiaki Kikki Okeya, has always opened up his doors for many other DJs and me. 

Kikki is a true audiophile. He continuously upgrades his sound and lighting and goes to great lengths to ensure the atmosphere at his club is always top-notch. Kikki is also a very dear friend. 

The people of Asahikawa are true music lovers and some of the kindest people on the planet. The final DJ performance of my career was at the Bassment. 

The Bassment is still open and has been open for at least 20 years. Thank you to Kikki, the staff, and the fantastic party people at the Bassment. You have always made many visits to your beautiful country, exceptional and spiritually satisfying.

Live and In Living Color…At the Bassment

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