The Nick Jones Experience Biography

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Nick Jones’ interest in DJing began as an avid listener of disco mix broadcasts on New York City (NYC) radio in the 1970s. Influenced by the radio mix shows, he honed his skills and developed his craft by working as a DJ at local parties in New Jersey.

In 1985, Nick had a chance encounter with a music store owner in the SoHo section of New York City. The name of the store was Hi-Tech Music, and the owner was Leroy Washington. Leroy was the principal DJ at Studio 54. Impressed by Nick’s enthusiasm and knowledge of music, Leroy offered Nick the opportunity to join his Hi-Tech Music team.

Working at Hi-Tech led to many DJ engagements, and Nick was able to secure DJ gigs and residencies at some of the most popular clubs and parties in NYC. He has worked at Love-Lite, The Underground, The Sound Factory Bar, and The Shelter. Nick was also one of the resident DJs at the legendary NYC Wild Pitch Party. The Wild Pitch Party inspired Chicago’s DJ Pierre’s iconic music style, “Wild Pitch.”

Years of DJing in New York opened the door to international DJ gigs and radio mix shows. Nick has toured Japan, Europe, and Canada. He has worked at some of the best international clubs, such as Club Yellow and Maniac Love in Tokyo, Japan. The Bassment and The Wall in Hokkaido, Japan. The Red Zone in Perugia, Italy, and The Rex Club in Paris, France. Nick was also invited to guest DJ on NYC radio shows-98.7 KISS-FM Master-Mix Show, 107.5 WBLS, and Tokyo Japan’s-81.3 J-Wave.

Nick’s popularity as an international DJ led to his involvement in music production. Nick has produced and remixed music for labels such as King Street Sounds, Shelter Records, and Wave Music. Some of his popular songs include “Live My Life,” “Love is” (Wave Music), “Harmonies,” “As I Take You Back (featuring Colonel Abrams),” “When You’re in Love” (King Street Sounds), “Dreaming” and, “Being Me” (Imani Records).

Nick continues to travel the world as a DJ and create new music. His primary focus has been writing, remixing, and producing music for his music label Imani Records.

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